My name is Gabriela Michanie, I was born in the beautiful country of Argentina, deep in the Patagonia region. Since birth, I was surrounded by nature including dramatic landscaped, pristine rivers, lakes and an awe-inspiring ocean. My love affair with photography started during a visit to the Yosemite Valley when I was 21. While surrounded by the majestic beauty of this natural wonder I discovered Ansel Adam’s work. I was enamored with the way he captured and reflected the dramatic beauty of this environment. His photos captured the incredible contrasts of light, shadows against a canvas of drastic mountains, trees, and water features. That experience began my love of photography. I realized over time that I always needed to have my camera with me so I could capture those rare and unique moments that I encountered in everyday life. I am happily married to my husband of 25 years and we have two outstanding boys. At first, I utilized my photography to record their life experiences as well as capture the timeless beauty of the places we visited, the homes we lived in and our pets. About ten years ago we moved to the country and discovered countless opportunities to take fantastic pictures. I love to capture the world through my lens and then share it with my friends and colleagues. About five years ago I started attending more technical classes to help me truly harness my skill. Today I find myself recording life moments of my friends, clients, and nature herself. I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to reflect the passion I have for photography through the timeless images I humbly capture throughout my Journey.