Polar Bear Adventures 2

This is day two by the Hudson Bay….
I woke up at 4:30 am. I am always excited to start the day full of new adventures.  I slept like a log even though outside it sounded like a blizzard and the heater makes a lot of metal noises. I finally got up at 7 am when my roommate and chef had to get up to start the day of cooking for us.

I was able to take a shower. The shower consists of the following: a switch to a battery to a small heater pump with a tube to a bucket full of water and a shower with a manual head Just like the ones in the travel trailer.   The toilet is ones of those Eco toilets Waterless where everything goes into a bag that gets disposed of somehow … I’d rather not ask lol!!!

Went outside to go to the cabin where we eat and hangout. I walked in and chef Katie had made eggs, bacon and English muffins 🙂
As soon as we finished   One of the natives said there is a bear and two cubs coming!! What?!!! We were all sooooo excited we didn’t know which way to run. We were like the three stooges running into each other.
We all rushed to the door to get dressed. When I say dressed I mean 4 layers for the torso, thermals and pants, boots, hats, face masks, hand warmers, liners, and gloves… Exhausting lol We then walked outside like we practiced very slow and with the guide and two armed natives.
We were all amazed at the sight…. Bear cubs would get out of line and momma bear would tell them to behave with a soft growl. We watched them look for food, misbehave and momma bear get mad. Also, she had one of the Cubs with a hurt paw and the other one was not afraid of anything!
Including the electric fence! The unruly, curious teen polar bear tried to cross the electric fence and got shocked. As the three bears stood there for a moment, they were looking back at me and I could not Believe I was there standing in front of these beautiful creatures so I cried as I usually do overwhelmed with emotions.
The unruly bear decided he wanted to hang out and get close to us again.  He was coming straight at me very slowly. This was my chance to get on the ground and get the best picture of a little polar bear. One of the native guides stayed right by my side and I got on the ground to get the best perspective. He was still far but slowly coming towards me. What an amazing moment. I took many pictures and I also put my camera down to be able to live the moment. I was looking straight into the little polar bear’s eyes. Just an incredible experience. As the cub kept on coming closer I kept on taking pictures. All of a sudden the guide told me to get up. Of course, I said hang on I am not done. He seriously replied you have to get up, you don’t want me to shoot the baby to protect you. As soon as he said that I got up right away. I would die If that ould happen. After I got up, the cub decided to go back to momma. What an amazing experience!!!!
All of a sudden another bear shows up Now we have a problem. The momma bear will be protecting the Cubs.
The entire time the adult bear smelled everything. The rest of the bears would stand and smell us, other animals, the smell coming from the cabin with food, etc.
The new bear decided to get close to the momma bear and she chased him away.  As we are watching these bears, another bear comes along.  Now the Inuit guides started to get nervous and told us to move back. It was like we were watching National Geographic on tv. The guides told us the bears were now concerned about each other and not us.  They told us if they tried to get away from each other they could run through the fence and run over us like a car. Like a CAR!!!! That did not sound like fun.
We were glad when nothing happened but it was really exciting!
Several times we were told to move back.
The momma bear and the Cubs were hanging out for a while and we took tons of pictures until we would loose feeling in the fingers and the toes. Even with hand warmers in the pockets, it was hard to stay outside.
We all went back inside and talked about the experience. We were all so excited for what had just experienced.
Before going to be we were told to keep the gear handy because the sky was clear and there might be a chance for northern lights so we got our cameras ready on the tripod and the warm clothes handy to be ready if they knocked on the door we could go outside and take really cool pictures. Another one in a lifetime experience.
I couldn’t wait for the next day!!